Project Includes


The Idea Shop, an esteemed ad agency renowned for its expertise in branding, recently embarked on an exciting project with Venu Dindigul Biryani. The goal was to revamp the branding of their food van and create an enticing visual experience that captures the essence of their delectable dishes. This case study highlights the meticulous design process, flawless execution, and outstanding results achieved by The Idea Shop in transforming Venu Dindigul Biryani’s food van into a moving culinary masterpiece.

Design Process:

The Idea Shop’s creative team collaborated closely with Venu Dindigul Biryani to understand their brand identity, culinary specialties, and vision for the food van’s new branding. Meticulous attention was given to the selection of vibrant colors, appetizing visuals, and captivating design elements. The objective was to create an alluring and immersive experience that would resonate with food lovers and convey the essence of Venu Dindigul Biryani’s delectable offerings.


With the design finalized, The Idea Shop’s team of skilled professionals commenced the execution phase. Every stroke of the brush and placement of each design element was carefully executed to ensure a visually captivating result. The meticulous attention to detail ensured that the design accurately represented the passion, authenticity, and culinary expertise of Venu Dindigul Biryani.


The outcome of The Idea Shop’s branding makeover for Venu Dindigul Biryani’s food van was truly remarkable. The once plain and ordinary van underwent a stunning transformation into a moving culinary masterpiece. Vibrant visuals showcased the tantalizing biryanis, succulent kebabs, and a variety of flavorful accompaniments, creating an instant visual feast for onlookers. The design seamlessly encapsulated the essence of Venu Dindigul Biryani’s culinary prowess.

Impact and Results:

The revamped branding of Venu Dindigul Biryani’s food van had a significant impact on its visibility, customer engagement, and brand recognition. The striking design and eye-catching visuals commanded attention and piqued the interest of passersby, enticing them to explore the rich flavors offered by the brand. The food van became a moving billboard, spreading the aroma and reputation of Venu Dindigul Biryani throughout the streets of Singapore. The enhanced branding not only attracted new customers but also reinforced the loyalty of existing ones.


The successful collaboration between The Idea Shop and Venu Dindigul Biryani showcases the agency’s expertise in branding and design. The meticulous planning, flawless execution, and outstanding results transformed Venu Dindigul Biryani’s food van into a captivating culinary experience. The vibrant visuals and enticing branding captured the hearts and taste buds of food lovers, establishing a strong brand presence in the competitive Singaporean market. The Idea Shop’s exceptional work further solidified their reputation as a leading ad agency, dedicated to delivering creative and impactful solutions for their clients